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Welcome to the MAIN STREET BEER AND WINE, Gaithersburg's friendliest one-stop neighborhood beer and wine store, conveniently located on Main Street in the Kentlands. We offer good prices and a great selection of beer and wine. We take pride in our easygoing attitudes, and we strive to make your Kentlands shopping experience stress free and enjoyable! We take special requests for beer & wine.

Main Street Beer & Wine
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Family owned and operated for more than nine years, we are a wine and beer store in the award-winning, neo-traditional community of the Kentlands in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Commonly referred to as "The Corner Store Beer & Wine," we are conveniently located on Main Street across from the Main Street Pavilion.

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Why shop at Main Street Beer & Wine?

There are many good reasons to shop at Main Street Beer and Wine, your friendly Kentlands beer and wine store. To begin, we have a great selection of beer and wine at very reasonable prices.

Plus, we carry a selection of typical convenience store items such as soft drinks, juices, bottled water, ice cream, chips, snacks, cigarettes, candy bars, and bags of ice.

If you're feeling lucky, we are also a Maryland Lottery Agent. Pick your numbers, grab some scratchers, or purchase a Mega Millions or Powerball lottery ticket!

Finally, just in case you've already blown all your cash on lottery tickets, beer, or wine, we have an ATM machine on the premises.

We like to think that our warm, friendly service is embraced by the community and is appreciated by everybody. The owner of Main Street Beer and Wine, Harry, has come a very long way and has no intentions of going back anytime soon. This may be the reason for his extremely cheerful behavior. Either that, or he's doing a little too much wine tasting in his spare time.

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This Week's Specials!

Take advantage of the specials at Main Street Beer and Wine, in Gaithersburg, Maryland!

Alcohol Specials as of February 1, 2017 (beer, wine, and champagne prices are good until removed or sold out):

Cases of Wine:

As a friendly Kentlands wine store courtesy to you, we match Montgomery County Liquor Store prices on cases of wine. This goes for unlimited quantities of wine cases. A deposit is required.

Beer Specials:

  • 30-pack, Coors Light, Miller Light, 12-oz cans - $23.99
  • 30-pack Natural Light, 12-oz cans - $18.35
  • 18-pack Bud Light, Coors Light, Budweiser, Miller Lite, 12-oz cans - $16.99
  • 12-pack Bud Light, Budweiser, Yuengling, 12-oz bottle - $12.49
  • 12-pack Coors Light, Miller Lite, 12-oz bottle - $12.49
  • 12-pack Corona Extra, Corona Light, 12-oz bottle - $16.99
  • 12-pack Heineken, 12-oz bottle - $16.99
  • 12-pack Sam Adams, 12-oz bottle - $17.99
  • 6-pack Coors Light, Yuengling, Miller Light, 12-oz cans - $6.49
  • 6-pack Fat Tire, 12-oz bottle - $10.99
  • 6-pack Flying Dog, 12-oz bottle - $9.99
  • All cases of beer are discounted.

Wine Specials:

  • Daily Wine Deal - 5% off 6 or more bottles of wine
  • Bella Sera, Pinot Grigio, 1.5L - $14.99
  • Cavit Pinot Grigio, 1.5L - $17.99
  • Cotes Du Rhone, 750ML - $9.99
  • Petite Petit, 750ML - $22.99
  • All Fish Eye, 1.5L - $11.99
  • Rioja Gran Familia, 2000 Grand Cru Classe, 750ML - $11.99
  • All Yellow Tail, 1.5L - $13.99
  • Beringer Chardonnay, 1.5L - $20.99
  • Woodbridge Chardonnay, 1.5L - $14.99
  • Barefoot Chardonnay, 1.5L - $15.99
  • Menage'a Trois, 750ml - $12.99
  • J. Lohr Seven Oaks, 750ml - $16.99
  • Clos du Bois Chardonnay, 750ml - $14.99
  • ALL Dark Horse, 750ml - $9.99
  • Eco Domani Pinot Grigio, 750ml - $12.99
  • All Cupcake, 750ml - $12.99
  • Silver Palm, Cabernet Sauvignon, 750ML - $21.99
  • Relax Riesling, 750ml - $11.99
  • Lamberti Prosecco, 750ml - $16.99
  • 10% off cases of wine (mix and match)
  • 5% off 6 or more bottles of wine (mix and match)

Champagne Specials:

  • Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin - $55.99
  • Moet - $55.99
  • Chandon - $22.99
  • Korbel - $15.99
  • Barefoot Bubbly - $11.99

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Selection of Beer

Your Kentlands Beer Store

As your friendly Kentlands beer store, we try to stock all the popular brands of domestic beers, crafts microbrews, and import beers. We are not your upscale "hotsy totsy" kind of a beer store. We are more like a comfortable pair of shoes, with a few holes for ventilation. In other words, we are your regular old neighborhood beer and wine store, where it's not uncommon to see customers popping in wearing almost anything. We try to stick to the basics of running a good beer and wine store: plenty of inventory on hand, at prices you can afford.

Your Beer Favorites

Which brands and varieties of beer do you like best? As your Gaithersburg beer store, we want to stock what you want to drink. Tell us about your favorite beers so we know what you like. Or, cast a vote by simply buying what you like. We'll do our best to keep it in stock for your next visit.

Fun Facts about Beer

And since you're in the mood to read, here are a few fun facts about beer. Beer is the world's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, and the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. Today, the brewing industry is a global business, consisting of several dominant multi-national companies and many thousands of smaller producers ranging from brewpubs to regional breweries. More than 35 billion gallons of beer are sold every year, producing total global revenues in excess of $300 billion dollars. Now that's truly a lot of beer.

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Selection of Wine

When it comes to wine, we follow the popular trends on what's hot and what's not. We try to cater to our customers' requests. If you can't find a particular wine in stock, simply ask us to order it for you. We don't mind stocking your favorite wine for your future visits to our Gaithersburg wine store. For those of you who need a little help in selecting the right wine for the right occasion, we have included some helpful information about this wonderful type of alcohol here.

How to Match Food with Wine

You can match food with wine according to either similarities or contrasts.

  • Pair higher acid foods (tomatoes, citrus fruit, goat cheese) with higher acid wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Chianti, Pinot Noir).
  • Pair richer, fattier foods (duck, lamb, beef, cheese) with slightly oaky Chardonnay or young Cabernet or Red Zinfandel.
  • Pair spicy, salty, or smoked dishes with lighter, fruitier wines like Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Beaujolais, or Chenin Blanc.

It's important to match not just the flavors of the wine with the food but also its body and weight.

White Wines:

  • Chardonnay - Fish, shellfish, poultry, sale veal, tarragon, sage, cream sauces
  • Sauvignon Blanc - Shellfish, chicken, prosciutto, salads, goat cheese
  • Pinot Grigio - Shellfish, chicken, vinaigrettes, citrus, fresh tomato
  • Chenin Blanc - White fish, light sauces, light curry, fresh fruit
  • Riesling - Appetizers, baked ham, smoked fish, creamy desserts
  • Gewurztraminer - Prosciutto & melon, salsa, soy sauce, ginger

Red Wines:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon - Lamb, pasta, roast and grilled meats, garlic, peppercorn, nuts, sharp cheeses
  • Merlot - Veal, duck, grilled meats, roast pork, tuna, salmon
  • Pinot Noir - Grilled tuna & salmon, chicken, quail, mushrooms
  • Zinfandel - Pasta, pizza, grilled meats, roast chicken, cheese
  • Beaujolais - Baked ham, roast turkey, fajitas
  • Chianti - Grilled lamb, vension, tomato sauces, cheese
  • Sangiovese - Steak, lamb, chedder, poultry, salmon, tomato sauces
  • Syrah - Ribs, poultry, grilled fish, hamburgers, rabbit

Blush Wines:

  • White Zinfandel - Pastas, salads, ham, turkey, BBQ chicken

Descriptions of Wines:

White Wines:

CHARDONNAY [SHAR-doenay] Light-bodied: Pale yellow with a fragrant nose, it's dry and flavorful! Medium-bodied: Lemon yellow with a richly scented bouquet, it's dry and mouth filling. Full-bodied: Straw yellow color, hints of oak & vanilla on the nose, it's dry with a full lingering taste.

SAUVIGNON BLANC [SO-vin-yon blahnc] Pale yellow color with greenish hues and apple-like aromas. It has a light, dry, crisp finish.

PINOT GRIGIO [PEE-know GREE-zhee-oh] (also known as Pinot Gris) Mildly perfumed light-bodied wine that's dry, crisp and refreshing.

CHENIN BLANC [SHEN-in Blahnc] Pale gold color, fruit aromas, fresh melon flavors with a medium-dry finish.

RIESLING [REES-ling] Citrus fruit aromas, pale yellow color with a hint of sweetness balanced by crisp finish.

GEWURZTRAMINER [ga-VURTZ-trom-in-er] Aromatic floral nose, a delicate straw yellow color and a clean, spicy finish.

Red Wines:

CABERNET SAUVIGNON [CAB-er-nay SO-vin-yon] Medium-bodied: Ruby colored wine with berry aromas and a round finish. Full-bodied: dark, rich garnet color with jam and oak aromas, and a full, dry finish.

MERLOT [mer-LOW] Black cherry aromas and flavors with medium-body and soft tannins on the finish.

PINOT NOIR [PEE-no nwahr] Medium-bodied with a hint of earthy aromas balanced by fruit flavors and a silky finish.

ZINFANDEL [ZIN-fan-del] Bright ruby color with spicy aromas and flavors; it's dry and medium to full-bodied.

BEAUJOLAIS [BO-zho-lay] Purplish color with grapey aromas and flavors, light-bodied.

CHIANTI [key-ON tea] Dry, full-bodied, hint of spice and oak in the nose, velvety finish.

SANGIOVESE [san-gee-oh-VAY-zay] Superb Italian red wine; medium to full-bodied spice, raspberry, cherry and anise flavors.

SYRAH [Sir-RAH] Smooth, supple texture; pepper, spice, black cherry flavors.

Blush Wines:

WHITE ZINFANDEL [WHITE ZIN-fan-del] Slight pink in color, medium-dry with a fresh fruity finish.

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Contact Us

Main Street Beer and Wine
300 Main Street
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

Phone: 240-632-2860
Website Questions:

Located in the Kentlands, in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we are commonly referred to as "The Corner Store Beer and Wine."

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Maps & Directions

Main Street Beer and Wine is located on Main Street in the heart of the Kentlands, Maryland, across from the Main Street Pavilion.

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